At first glance, one might thought these are photos of glaciers and icebergs. Truth, however, is that they’re soft pastel drawings by U.S. artist Zaria Forman.

She is an environmentally conscious artist, so many of her works, whether depicting glaciers, bodies of water or storm fronts, focus on the problems we face in terms of water conservation, melting polar ice, and rising sea levels.


“Artists play a critical role in communicating climate change, which I believe is the most important challenge we face as a global community,” says the artist.

“I have dedicated my career to translating and illuminating scientists’ warnings and statistics into an accessible medium that the general public can connect with, on a level that is perhaps deeper than scientific facts can penetrate”

“I choose to convey the beauty, as opposed to the devastation, of threatened places. If people can experience the sublimity of these landscapes, perhaps they will be inspired to protect and preserve them”


Zaria Forman has been drawing since she was a child using her palms and fingers. She says she always preferred soft pastels over the myriad materials.

Photo Credits:
Zaria Forman

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