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Rise and shine! Incorporating these simple methods into your morning routine may make it easier to lose weight.

1. They keep moving.
early morning run [More]

how to make flowers last longer

Everyone likes to keep flowers around as long as possible. If you’re looking for a way to make those Valentine’s Day roses bloom vibrantly and stay fresh for a few more days, try these methods: [More]

Admit it, we sometimes get overwhelmed by so many tasks at hand that must be completed within a short span of time. The below infographic, from, illustrates helpful strategies to help us make the most out of our time and acomplish more. [More]

Rosamund Pike in Wimbledon 01

Arriving in all-white apparel, Rosamund Pike looked very English as she enjoy the Wimbledon game. [More]


Many people, especially women, are concerned with health and appearance of their skin. Some even spend substantial amount of money on skin care. But it should not be the case. Right information and techniques can go a long way towards preventing wrinkles and skin aging at virtually no cost. [More]

re-inventing shoes 01a

Pushing the boundaries and showing sculptural qualities, United Nude collaborated with 3D Systems for an exhibition presented during Milan Design Week. [More]

The 72nd Golden Globe Awards, honoring the best in film and television for 2014, were presented on January 11, 2015, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, where they have been held annually since 1961.

During the event, bewitching ladies graced the red carpet. Our top ten favorites are:

Glamorous Gowns at the 72nd Golden Globes

glam dresses


flat shoes

Sure, a pair of towering heels can make you look stylish and powerful. However, they also pose health hazards. Make your feet happy by wearing flats. [More]

Siberia Russia

Siberia Russia

Freezing water creates an astonishing variety of patterns: from jagged lines or frozen bubbles to perfect snowflakes with every imaginable shade of blue, green and white. [More]

Image Credits: Zero

Image Credits: Zero

The pen is mightier than the sword. Cartoonists and llustrators around the world come together in solidarity with the 12 artists and ordinary people who died in the Charlie Hebdo shooting by doing what they do best – drawing. [More]


According to a Gallup poll, 28 per cent of women admit to regularly consulting their horoscopes, compared with 23 per cent of men. A similar poll from 2009 found that women were twice as likely as men to consult a psychic. [More]

La Faune et la Flore 5

A photographer who enjoys taking surreal pictures collaborated with a French illustrator with no solid idea or theme to start off with. What they produced after is beyond mesmerizing. [More]

Beauty And The Beast Poster

Manila, Philippines-Casts of the animated feature film-turned-theatrical show is finally in the country. [More]

weight loss

Did you know it’s possible to lose weight while you work? One of the secrets to ridding yourself of fat for good is learning how to eat smart and be active all day. [More]

beautiful glowing skin

Glowing skin is not just about the creams you put on your face or the various procedures you undergo, it is also about what you put on your plate. [More]


Dutch artist and designer Daan Roosegaarde has created a beautiful and innovative glowing bike path that, when illuminated at night by glowing pebbles and LEDs, looks like Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting. [More]


At first glance, one might thought these are photos of glaciers and icebergs. Truth, however, is that they’re soft pastel drawings by U.S. artist Zaria Forman. [More]


Japanese artist Kenji Shibata froze colorful flowers into large blocks of ice creating a photographs that both strikingly beautiful and poignantly symbolic. [More]

Creative Ring - Flower Ring 1

The right ring on your finger can make you feel like a regal king or a beloved queen. What modern rings have lost in symbolic significance they’ve gained in creativity of design and craftsmanship – and the rings in this list are some of the best of the best. [More]


While most latte artists around the world would explore different techniques on how to make illustrations on milk, Maxim Stick adopted the intricate, edible stencil work as the medium for a stop-motion animation, playing out the quirky days of young love for a ‘coffee couple’, who meet, fall in love and grow old together. [More]