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Rise and shine! Incorporating these simple methods into your morning routine may make it easier to lose weight.

1. They keep moving.
early morning run [More]

weight loss

Did you know it’s possible to lose weight while you work? One of the secrets to ridding yourself of fat for good is learning how to eat smart and be active all day. [More]

Drink Cocoa

Making lifestyle changes is good for you if you manage to stick to them. However, surveys suggest that most resolutions are ditched by February. [More]

Santa thin

Did you know there are around 6,000 calories lurking in the average Christmas Day feast? Three times a woman’s daily recommended intake. [More]

Prunes Help in Losing Weight by Suppressing Appetite

Could prunes be the key to successful slimming? According to a study they make losing weight easier by suppressing appetite. [More]

Belly Fat

Have you been exercising a lot but still the tape measure on your belly won’t drop a notch? Maybe it has something to do with your diet. [More]


Find out how to have sexy arms like Cameron Diaz. [More]

Hand Diet

Recent research found portion sizes have doubled in 20 years. Experts say that a lack of portion control is one of the main reasons so many of us are overweight – with many of us eating way more than we should be. [More]

Belly Fat Can Shrink Brain

By on August 28, 2013

Belly Fat

Doctors are now beginning to recognize the dangerous effect of increasing waistline to brain power. [More]

How to Reduce Your Belly

By on August 28, 2013

smaller waist means longer life

Here are some tips from Reader’s Digest to help you whittle the midsection. [More]


Sometimes our work out routines get really tiring making us skip them but good news is, there are things we can do at home to supplement them. [More]

flat beautiful tummy

How to get flatter abs without starving or sweating? Follow these 15 lazy ways to shrink your belly. [More]

Tips for Better Digestion

By on January 9, 2013

flat belly

Good digestion is an essential component of health. [More]

Drink milk to lose fat

Don’t drink your calories. The secret to losing weight is not just watching what is on your plate; it is also about watching what is in your glass. [More]

smaller waist means longer life

Speeding our metabolism does not require two-hour runs and boot camp till we’re wrecked. In fact, all the little decisions you make about eating and moving make a big difference in your calorie-torching ability. [More]


Researchers concluded that 30 minutes of daily training was as “equally effective” at shedding the pounds as 60 minutes worth of sweating. [More]

Diet coke

The Coca-Cola company launched a calculator which details how long it would take to burn off various Coca-Cola drinks through different sports and chores. [More]


A British study has found exercising before the first meal of the day is more effective than after it. [More]

8 Tips to a Younger You

By on October 30, 2010


Aging well is easier than most of us think. Make small changes to your routine, try a few new tricks and say hello to a younger-looking, more beautiful you. [More]

Drink milk to lose fat

Drinking two large glasses of milk a day after a weight-lifting training contributes to losing more fat and gaining more muscle according to a McMaster University study. [More]