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Admit it, we sometimes get overwhelmed by so many tasks at hand that must be completed within a short span of time. The below infographic, from, illustrates helpful strategies to help us make the most out of our time and acomplish more. [More]

weight loss

Did you know it’s possible to lose weight while you work? One of the secrets to ridding yourself of fat for good is learning how to eat smart and be active all day. [More]

The Hampstead and Westminster men 7

In the name of charity, men of hockey team posed for 2015 calendar with just a carefully placed trophy or helmet to hide their modesty. [More]

Comfort Desert

If you’ve had a bad day, you might eat a tub of Ben and Jerry’s for comfort. However, contrary to the popular belief, a study has found comfort food may not comfort us any more than other food or not eating. [More]

Garfield: The Lazy Person's Guide to Not Being Lazy

Laziness is the art of postponing, or avoiding, to do the things that matter the most to you. This is how Matthew McEwan defined laziness. [More]

How to Stick With Your New Year's Resolution

When a new year begins we are make resolutions believing it is the perfect time to start anew but after a few weeks we fail accomplishing our goals. So here are easy ways to stick with our resolutions. [More]

New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past. As the final seconds of the year tick away we reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes. [More]

Reading Can Keep You Healthy

By on August 26, 2012

The joy of reading

Several studies show evidences that getting lost in a good book does not only provide recreation but might actually be good for our mental and physical health too. [More]

Never give up

Feel like you have hit the dead end? Have your enthusiasm been drained and now you don’t know how to move forward? I have compiled quotes that fired up my motivation when I feel like I have reached the road block and I hope they can do wonders to you as well. [More]


A gloomy weather may have the potential to ruin the cheeriest moods but do not let your spirit be dampen by the bad weather. Rain also has this tranquilizing and calming effects if you pay attention to the thousand droplets reaching any surface. [More]


According to former track athlete Jim Ryun, motivation is what gets you started and habit is what keeps you going. When you find your passion, you’ll have a boost of motivation to get started and change your life. [More]

Girl lying down on grass

Let these quotes cheer you up and give you that warm and happy feeling inside. In this post, I have gathered 10 quotes with the intention of uplifting your mood and making you start your day right. [More]