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Why Are Narcissists So Darn Sexy?

Narcissists are in love with themselves but it turns out, we do too. [More]

Why Gratitude is Good for Your Mental Health

Being thanked and having reason to thank others are two sides of the same gratefulness coin. Both exemplify the positive in human behavior and provide us with a positive charge that boosts our emotional balance. [More]

Why Are Mean People So Good Looking?

A new study conducted in Washington University explores why people with dark personality traits tend to be highly appealing to others. The study examines whether the attractiveness of mean individuals is due to inherent or superficial qualities. [More]

Reading Can Keep You Healthy

By on August 26, 2012

The joy of reading

Several studies show evidences that getting lost in a good book does not only provide recreation but might actually be good for our mental and physical health too. [More]

Why Women Cheat

By on July 27, 2012


Although men are best known in this game that does not mean women cannot do it. Here are the top reasons why women are cheating: [More]