Many people, especially women, are concerned with health and appearance of their skin. Some even spend substantial amount of money on skin care. But it should not be the case. Right information and techniques can go a long way towards preventing wrinkles and skin aging at virtually no cost.

Here are some simple techniques you can start with.

1. Beware of the sun. UV-light from the sun is the biggest contributor to premature skin aging. Prevention of sun damage may do more for your skin than all your other skin care combined. Make sure you cover up with sunscreen before going out.

2. Do not smoke. Smoking is detrimental for our total health and not just skin. It damages skin almost as much as sunlight by generating a flood of free radicals.

3. Do not drink or go easy on alcohol. Alcohol increases the leakiness of capillaries (small blood vessels), so more water moves from bloodstream into soft tissues.

4. Do not cleanse and exfoliate your skin too aggressively. Excessive cleansing strips the skin of protective sebum and may lead to dryness, skin sensitivity and other problems. Avoid cleansing with harsh detergents and alcohol-based solutions. Avoid washing your skin with hot water. Avoid cleansing and/or washing your skin more than two times a day.

5. Moisturize! Dehydrated skin has a decreased capacity for repair and regeneration. In addition, it is far more susceptible to various forms of skin damage such as sun exposure or harsh detergents. So, even though moisturizing won’t lift your eyelids or reverse wrinkles, it will help slow down any further damage, and allow other treatments to work better.

6. Go easy on makeup. Makeup products often contain potential skin irritants. For the sake of long-term skin health, it is best to use makeup in moderation, particularly in the eye area. Long-lasting makeup may be particularly harmful because it tends to contain harsher chemicals and also requires highly irritating solvents for its removal.

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