Book of Days

Giving In to the Whims of Another Being


Growing up, my mom would always tell me I’m the capricious one in our bunch everytime I would ask for something from her. Be it a tasty delicacy on our way home from school, a new dress, a pair of shoes, etc. And my mom would most of the time give in to my whims.

During the weekend, my sister-in-law with my nephew and my parents and some of our relatives visited us. I was reading something on my computer and my sister-in-law was singing lullaby making our baby sleep when my nephew said “tugtog!” (play something). Thinking that the baby dont want her singing and wanted to hear his favorite song instead, Smile by Uncle Kracker, my sister-in-law grabbed her phone and started playing the song. However, my nephew started whinning and said “ayaw” (I don’t want) then pointed on the direction of my violin.

My sister-in-law laughed and asked me to play. Then it occurred to me that I haven’t played my violin for a few weeks now. I grabbed some of my music sheets and started playing On My Own. My nephew’s eyes were fixed on me while I was playing and I remembered how it feels like to have what you desired and thought that he probably feels the same. Haha! That kid!

I miss being a kid and being whimsical. I think I’ve master the art of being capricious so my parents were left with no choice but to go along with my whims. Oh I miss those moments. Now, the table has turned, I am now the one giving in to their whims but I am not complaining. It actually feels great knowing that you somehow made your parents happy and it really is about time that I give something back to them.

So, what do you think ?