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Pinky Amador is a Powerful Piaf


I never knew Edith Piaf but the renown French singer came to life before my eyes with Pinky Amador’s unbelievable force.

“This is a role I’ve wanted to do for the longest time,” says Pinky Amador of her role in Atlantis ProductionsPiaf.

Amador’s performance is so exceptional that it makes up for the play’s shortcomings. Many details about Piaf’s life were left unexplained, creating an impression of the singer as a sex-slaved diva. Some actors also take on multiple roles which added to confusions.

On the other hand, the lighting and stage set up was gorgeous. The designer, whoever that is, pulled off a wonderful setting for Amador’s powerful performance.

I find Piaf’s life as a fusion of triumph and tragedy. She came from poverty wandering Paris until she was discovered. She rose into stardom with her distinct voice and singing style. Her career was outlined by her countless love affairs and dependency on sex, drugs, and alcohol.

What I really admired from her is her undying passion for singing. There was a point in her career when she went on stage despite three broken ribs. To be able to perform, she injected herself with morphine.

Piaf was shown at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza. I’m so glad I was able to catch it before the show closes.

Photo Credits:
Atlantis Production Facebook page

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