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Man of Steel is Overwhelming and Boring


Few days ago, during its opening, a lot of Facebook friends raved about the Man of Steel and posted lots of Henry Cavill‘s hot photo as Superman. And as I read their posts, I got excited.. really excited to watch the film. I even thought of watching it on IMAX.

So last Friday came the day that I was waiting for. My big day to see the big guy, Man of Steel, on the big screen. I held my excitement as the film started.

The opening scene shows planet Krypton with Russell Crowe and Ayelet Zurer who portrayed Superman’s parents. I find it dull and remembered Crowe’s part in Les Miserables (Sorry, I still can’t get over it.). Going back to Man of Steel, I couldn’t find an intense emotional authenticity on their acting and said to myself that maybe the film will get better as it rolls. Seconds, minutes, more minutes passed and I still couldn’t find any spectacular scene. Sure the effects were good but still I wasn’t wowed by them. I even fell asleep for several minutes watching it.

Sadly, the movie was disappointing. The effects were nice but they were too overwhelming making the film a total mess. I don’t even like what they’ve done to Superman’s costume. I prefer the original one.

This made me realize, Christopher Reeve was still the best Superman ever!

The Men Who Played Superman: Henry Cavill (2013), Brandon Routh (2006), Christopher Reeve (1978, 1980, 1983)

So who is your favorite Superman?

So, what do you think ?