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Pacific Rim is Unbelievably Entertaining


After watching the trailer of Pacific Rim I was convinced that this is just one of those movies that is not worth watching. However, most of my friends were raving about it so I thought, Ok let’s go see it and find out what these people are talking about.

The opening of the movie tells a story how giant monster, Kaiju, appears and destroys portion of San Francisco and the building of the Jaeger Program: a series of giant mechanical ‘monsters,’ intended to defeat Kaijus. It was also explained here why two pilots are needed to operate a Jaeger instead of only one.

The storyline of this movie is pretty simple. Creatures from another dimension wants to invade our world and us humans must do what we can to stop them. But what made Pacific Rim so entertaining is the setting and the action giving it a lot of energy. I did not feel any sense of boredom when I was watching this film.

As for the actors, Charlie Hunnam‘s performance is truly fitting. In the battle scenes, he gives genuine human emotions as he punches and fall. But my favorite characters in the film were Dr. Newton Geiszler played by Charlie Day and Gottlieb played by Burn Gorman. Together they were hilarious which kind of lift the mood of the film whenever they were shown. And of course it is always fun to watch Ron Perlman as shady, black market dealer Hannibal Chau. I couldn’t believe he made it after being eaten by a baby Kaiju.

So stop reading now and go see it!

So, what do you think ?