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Angel Wish Dish: Addicting and Affordable Restaurant in Boracay


Angel Wish Dish2

If you happen to be in Boracay, you must dine at Angel Wish Dish. It is by far the best choice for your seafood cooking needs. They offer an a la carte menu as well as cooking service.

Angel Wish Dish Paluto was introduced to us by a Tennis coach, Jojo Nicdao. After our little chit-chat with him, he accompanied us to this food stall which is in the heart of D’Talipapa.

Seafoods, Filipino

The open at 9:30 in the morning

Stall No. 32 at D’Talipapa Boracay Island
Aklan, Philippines

Approx. Php800.00 for two people


The stall is pretty simple with its wooden chairs and tables. It wasn’t that spacious but a plus for me was their air conditioning. I think this restaurant is more cozy compared to other Paluto restos around D’Talipapa.


We like the staff. They’re very accommodating. Upon opening the door, they’re all smiles and usher you to your table. They will also offer great suggestions.


We love the food! On top of my list is the Baked Oyster. It’s really good with just the right amount of cheese. Next is the Sweet Chilli Prawns, I don’t know how to describe it but I liked it a lot since I like spicy food. Below are some of the dishes we tried. Forgive me for not commenting on other dishes. It’s not that they’re not delicious. I’m just currently lost for words.

Sweet Chilli Squid

Sweet Chilli Squid

My favorite! Baked Oyster for only 200 pesos

My favorite! Baked Oyster for only 200 pesos

Adobong Pusit. Also really good

Adobong Pusit. Also really good

Sweet Chilli Prawns

Sweet Chilli Prawns

Their drinks are fresh and cheap compared to other stalls.

Another great thing about Angel Wish Dish is that you don’t have to do the buying of seafoods. You just have to tell the waiter what you like, how much serving you need and they will be off to the market get ingredients needed to cook your choice of dish. Other Palutos in D’Talipapa will have you go to the wet market to buy main ingredients. So if you do not want to be stressed out in bargaining for prices and just wanted to be served with mouth-watering dishes then go to Angel Wish Dish.

at Angel Wish Dish

Dining at Angel Wish Dish


I really like it here. If I will go to Boracay again, which I definitely will, I will visit Angel Wish Dish again. 🙂

So, what do you think ?