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Cupcake Courier

I just wanted to share this cool product. Just in case you’re also baking and you find it very inconvenient to carry all your cupcakes while commuting, this product is perfect for you.


Capriccioso Confectionery

I love sweets and baking so why not venture into something that I love. ^_^ We accept bulk orders. Please comment on this post to place one. 🙂


Baking Mud Pie

Since I’m a little excited to try my new cake pan, I browsed my sweet book for a recipe to bake. Leafing through the pages, I found the Mississippi Mud Pie baking procedure to be quite easy and the ingredients easy to find. Plus, the picture on the books looks really enticing.


Removable Bottom Cake Pan

I just got a cake pan with removable bottom for easy unmolding of cakes. It comes with a Cherry Fudge Cheesecake recipe and I’m excited to try it out. 🙂


Manhattan Cheesecake Ending Up A Blueberry Cheesecake

For our New Year’s eve, I’ve decided to bake a cake. A friend bought me baking book as Christmas gift and I love everything on it. As in totally everything! And I’m planning to bake them all. 😀 I chose ‘Manhattan Cheesecake’ from the mouth-watering treats in the book. Yesterday, my brother and I went […]