Book of Days

The Wedding

This is a good book. If you’re a hopeless romantic, I’m sure you’ll love this book. It’s heartwarming, touchy, and wonderful. The romance of Wilson and Jane was great but it was not the very reason why I really like the book…, it was because of Noah and the swan. Well I guess you just […]


Between Dinner and the Morning After

Synopsis When the past makes a comeback… Although it’s taking her eccentric boss forever to give Abi a break, its fine — at least she’s got a job. It pays the shopping bills and keeps her busy. Although she’s no longer happy with her boyfriend, it’s cool — he’s perfect for her mother and her […]


Forbidden Love

Casts Matsushima Nanako — Michi HiroseTakizawa Hideaki — Hikaru KurusawaShirakawa YumiKuroki HitomiBessho Tetsuya Summary Hirose Michi, a 26 year old teacher dissatisfied with her life, but unable to change it’s direction toward a loveless marriage and a less then satisfying career. Everything changes when she meets and bonds with Kurasawa Hikaru, a 17 year old […]


Strawberry on Shortcake

Casts Takizawa Hideaki – Irie ManatoFukada Kyoko – Misawa Yui Kubozuka Yosuke – Tetsuya/senpai Uchiyama Rina – Sawamura Haruka SummaryAt some point, Manato Irie (Hideaki Takizawa) began to withdraw himself from the world. Even when picked on, it’s not the real Irie, but an act. However one day he meets a strange girl – Yui […]


All About the Party

Last night I had a blast. The party was so much fun. When we get to Metro at past 7 o’clock, there’s a queue already. After our bags were searched, we got in and find some tables. The program started at around 8 o’clock if I’m not mistaken. Most of ICS professors did not attended […]


Feelin’ so good

Finally, first semester is over. All I’m hoping right now is to get good grades. Yesterday we had our final exam in Environmental Science (NS) and Operating Systems (OS). The exam on NS is easy if you just read and study the handout that the professor gave us. Unfortunately, I didn’t review on that subject. […]



I’m supposed to review for our final exam on Organizational Theory and Strategic Management tomorrow but until now I haven’t flipped a single page of the handouts that i’m supposed to read. I’m trying so hard to comprehend the text on the handouts but I can’t absorb the details. My mind seems to be somewhere […]


1st Sem Almost Over

Whew! I’m glad that this semester is almost over…. Our Final examination was scheduled this week…. and after that will be our sembreak party to be held at ‘Metro Bar’. I’m looking forward to this event after the exams… I just hope that the place will be huge enough to accommodate all the ICS students..


Gone to the Long Home

I’ll be going with my mom and dad to Bicol this Sunday to attend the last two day wake of my grandfather. The burial will be on Tuesday and as much as I wanted to attend the funeral, I can’t because next week will be our last week before the final examination and there are […]



I’m glad that this semester is almost done. So far, this has been the most tiring semester I have, lots of paper works, assignments, researches, interviews, and the like. Actually this week, I barely had enough sleep. I spent most of the night finishing papers, report, and assignments. Were done with our report in OS, […]


Simple Introduction

We all live in suspense, from day to day, from hour to hour; in other words, we are the hero of our own story.Mary McCarthyIt’s 1:55 a.m. and I’m still up. I’m almost done downloading mp3s but I still can’t sleep, maybe I had too much caffeine…. again! I’ve decided to keep an online journal […]