Book of Days

The Maring Experience

The wind howled violently then suddenly the dark skies of 3am was illuminated by a striking lightning accompanied by a roaring thunder. I was jolted away from my sleep. It was raining hard. I got up and headed to the comfort room. Opening the door of my room, I found the entire house engulfed in darkness. Seemed like the electricity had been cut off. I changed my mind and went back to bed. I tried to go back to sleep but the thunder won’t let me. I browsed a few pages of the book I’m currently reading (thanks to my book light) and finally, after a few minutes, I feel snoozy.


A Request and a New Song to Practice

Someone requested me to play this song on violin. It has been a while and last night she reminded me again. I’ve already downloaded the music sheet and looking forward to playing this song beautifully. I know it would probably take a while so for the mean time here’s Adele’s video of her Make You […]


Lindsay Stirling, I Became Your Fan

When she hopped on stage, the people went crazy. She started her show by playing an unfamiliar tune but it was beautiful. And boy, she’s really good. I admire and envy her at the same time. Her playing made me regret not playing my violin for this past few months.


Quan An Ngon Restaurant

Located right opposite the Reunification Palace, Quan An Ngon restaurant is a good stop to fill your stomach before exploring the palace across the street.


Cruising on Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta, dubbed as a ‘biological treasure trove’, is the region in southwestern Vietnam.


A Glimpse of Cinderella

The tale of a young woman living in unfortunate circumstances that are suddenly changed to remarkable fortune with her glass slipper and the royal ball comes to Newport Performing Arts Theater.


Let’s Kick Our BUTs Out

Good things come to those who wait… greater things come to those who get off their ass and do anything to make it happen.
~ Unknown ~


Loving Clippy

Just changed my blog’s theme and I’m liking it. I think I like it too much that I’m now posting a lot. 🙂


The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Grace Under Pressure

No matter how poised and well-mannered you are, the adventurous life of a Fabulous Girl inevitably leads to a few high-stakes dilemmas. Charming, witty, and eminently practical, The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Grace Under Pressure arms you with the know-how to stylishly deal with whatever insanity life throws your way—and remain fabulous throughout it all.



Through a crack in a cabinet, a drunk stout man is seen slouched over his drink and is puffing a cigarette. Then, a woman bangs on his door. He struggles to rise and after a few steps he falls. He cannot make a straight walk to the door because of his drunken state.

The woman continues to pound on his door. When the drunk man finally opened, she barged in accompanied by a policeman and a female social worker. They were looking for an abused child.

Mang Marcelo, may report pong may naabusong bata dito. (There is a report of an abused child here.)”

The man protested but the two women went on their search for the kid.

Onyok, lumabas ka na! (Onyok, Come out!)”

Finally, the two women kneel before the crack and swing open the cabinet door. A boy with a blackened-right-eye is crouched inside. He is weeping. His palm is wounded by a cigarette burn.

That was an unforgettable opening. I was so moved and affected by it.



Israeli government declared that children of immigrant workers under five years of age will be deported. Moises, a caregiver in Herzliya, has a four-year old son. Afraid of the new law, Moises and Janet decide to hide their children from the immigration police by making them stay inside the house.


Sana Dati

This was my first independent film for this year’s Cinemalaya and I’m not disappointed. In fact, I very much liked it. The movie was beautifully created. The angles of the shots were artistic and there were lots of breathtaking pictures. The plot is simple but ending is not predictable. Genius!


FTSP Celebrated Philippine-Japan Friendship Week

The week-long, company-wide celebration started last year and after its success, the Fujitsu Ten Solutions Philippines, Inc. (FTSP) LMC-Events committee once again organized activities which highlight Philippine and Japanese cultures.


Oh My Gulay in Baguio

The place was recommended by a friend and loved it instantly the first time I set foot in it. It is a very artistic place and full of culture. And if you’re a vegetarian, you’ll totally love this place.


Phuong Mai Art & Cafe in Ho Chi Minh

My friend and I accidentally discovered this place after buying pasalubongs in Ben Thanh Market. We were so tired and hungry back then that we decided to just look around and find a place where we can eat and rest. Just across the market, this sign caught my attention. It has Art and Cafe on it and told Kerie to give it a try.